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    How do I join?2018-07-10T14:07:04-07:00

    Please fill out this form for more information. https://www.manifestmedex.org/contact/ 

    How much does it cost?2018-06-25T14:23:13-07:00

    Please fill out this form for more information. https://www.manifestmedex.org/contact/ 

    Why is there a PA & BAA?2018-07-26T20:15:51-07:00

    The PA is an agreement between the customer and Manifest MedEx which states that the customer will provide and receive patient health information in which MX will facilitate. This agreement also gives MX permission to aggregate patient health information and share according to law. The BAA is an agreement between Manifest MedEx and the customer that covers the ability to provide Protected Health Information.

    How do I get additional training?2018-07-26T20:16:39-07:00

    For additional training, please contact info@iehio.org

    How do I join the Inland Empire Coalition?2018-07-26T20:17:21-07:00

    Please contact rcma1@rcmanet.org to get information on joining the coalition.

    What is the difference between IEHIE and IEHIO?2018-07-26T20:17:56-07:00

    The Inland Empire Health Information Exchange (IEHIE) no longer exists following the merger of Cal Index and Inland Empire Health Information Exchange.  IEHIO manages the relationship between the healthcare organizations and Manifest MedEx.

    What does IEHIO do for me?2018-07-26T20:18:46-07:00


    1. Link Inland Empire healthcare stakeholders with Manifest MedEX (MX)
    2. Drive HIE participation and utilization locally in ways that address local priorities
    3. Promote community-wide data sharing that improves healthcare for all residents
    4. Coordinate data sharing services for treatment at the point of care
    5. Facilitate population health analytics specific to provider needs and programs

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