We Link People to Data

IEHIO’s purpose is to connect people with data by coordinating data sharing services not only to improve treatment at the point of care, but also to address the psycho-social determinants of health to support whole-person care efforts that improve the health of all residents in the Inland Empire.

IEHIO is a non-profit organization supporting interoperability for healthcare and the community.

Health Information Exchange

IEHIO is partnered with Manifest MedEx (MX) to coordinate data sharing within Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. MX currently shares data among 600 healthcare organizations across California, including hospitals, health plans, ACOs, and other ambulatory groups. We are extending an invitation for ambulatory practices to access MX. This is at no cost to ambulatory practices. MX offers access to three products that will thoroughly address your practice’s data sharing needs.

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ConnectIE Project

In partnership with IEHP, Inland SoCal United Way, and Desert Healthcare District, IEHIO coordinates the sharing of community resources through ConnectIE. ConnectIE is a user-friendly Resource Platform that connects community resources to the public. The project’s goal is to build more efficient paths between people looking for help and organizations that provide help.

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Community Information Network

IEHIO is partnered with ConnectIE to coordinate the Community Information Network (CIN) which connects various organizations and individuals within the community via a contracted trusted network. Current CIN member include but aren’t limited to IEHIO, IEHP, 211+, Symba Center, & Loma Linda University. Members in this trusted network are then allowed to engage in HIPPA compliant data sharing with other members easily sharing information and resources that include but are not limited to patient’s social determinants of health, patient social care referral history, and patient’s contact information.

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Community Resource Platform

In partnership with  Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP),  Inland Empire United Way/San Bernardino County 2-1-1 (IEUW), 211 Riverside County (Community Connect) and Desert Healthcare District (DHCD), the IEHIO coordinates the sharing of  community resources. IEHP, IEHIO, IEUW, and DHCD are all committed to making human services program information more accessible to health care providers for their patients. Connect IE has validated information provided by community-based organizations.  In addition, it’s a comprehensive environment to those in need and provides self-sufficiency. Click here to learn more.

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Manifest MXInland Empire Health Information Organization and Manifest MedEx (MX) have partnered to provide an information exchange that connects healthcare throughout California. The information exchange technology includes three products that offer access to patients’ longitudinal medical records, real-time notifications and a population health tool. The Manifest MedEx (MX) network facilitates the secure exchange of real-time information on millions of patients across California. Click here to learn more.

Our Partners

Riverside County Medical Association
San Bernardino County Medical Society