This year California is investing $50 million to help hospitals and providers participate in health information exchanges (HIEs). It’s called the California Medi-Cal HIE Onboarding Program (Cal-HOP).

This is great news for all MX participants and HIO partners who are supporting health information sharing through MX. This program will help us grow our network and deepen the data and value we offer to you.

In order for MX to be qualified to support our participation in the Cal-HOP program, they need your letter of intent by May 28, 2019 .  MX will submit these to DHCS on or before June 1 (the deadline).

 What do you need to do?

You will need to select MX as your HIE partner. Sign a letter of intent selecting MX as your HIE partner. Note: you can only choose one Cal-HOP HIE partner!

How will the program work?

  • The program is expected to launch in June 2019 and continue to September 2021
  • The state will make payments to HIEs when hospitals and providers meet specific milestones. These milestones are expected to include:
    • Sign a contract if relevant, and a letter of intent pairing organization with MX
    • Build an ADT feed
    • CURES integration
    • Advanced interfaces
  • MX provider participants will have a chance to demonstrate performance against the program milestones – including CURES and advanced interfaces for those who have already built ADTs
  • Payments will be made directly to HIEs when milestones are met
  • MX will share funds received through the program with both providers and HIOs – we will finalize the approach once the program is officially announced by the state
  • For additional information, please read FAQ

Lastly, we are asking for your support in growing MX so we can continue to provide you with robust data to care for your patients.  Please, encourage other hospitals and providers to join MX. We are expanding our network across the state and are offering an appealing package to newly joining hospitals including $60,000 to help them get going. Please contact Brittany Weppler ( if you have referrals, ideas or questions.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you to provide the health information you need to care for patients and improve the health of our communities.